Hair loss  
Deficiencies in nutrients and minerals can lead to hair loss. Make natural hair loss reversed.

Hair loss is reversed
Hair loss is a widespread phenomenon that is associated with safety with an unhealthy lifestyle. Due to an unhealthy diet inevitably leads to acidification of the body and lack of minerals and nutrients. But we also need our minerals and hair nutrients, so we can grow. Therefore you can only do reverse hair loss by avoiding a mineral and nutrient deficiency. Find out what nutrients your hair needs and how to stop hair loss.

Hair loss affects people more and more in these times. There are many different forms, such as diffuse hair loss, alopecia areata or hair loss in particular women. But if you look closely at all these forms, which is usually one and the same underlying cause: nutritional and mineral deficiencies. Additional factors such as psychological stress, stress or a hormonal imbalance can cause the various manifestations of hair loss. In order to reverse hair loss you may have to eliminate not only the triggers but also the causes.

What happens in hair loss
Our body needs nutrients and minerals to keep us healthy and grow our hair and thrive. The hairs are raised in the hair follicles called on our scalp. When these hair follicles are not sufficiently endowed with minerals and nutrients, therefore they can not grow hair.

Acidification with hair loss
When hair loss is basically a deficit of nutrients and minerals, and acidification of the body before. An unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition make our bodies do not have the basics you need every day. In order to avoid further damage to health, our body tries to compensate for the resulting deficit in some way. Minerals, for example, because there is to neutralize derived acids or acid metabolites and to keep the pH constant. This neutralization is of vital importance to us, because all the processes of our body depends in no way depends on a certain pH. Let us now with not enough minerals in our food, which is removed from the body’s own mineral reserves, such as bones, teeth or simply the scalp – the body is too acidic. To prevent hair loss and reverse it, we must consume enough minerals for ourselves.


Slime Hair Loss
The lack of nutrients and minerals that our body naturally weakens. On the other hand, loading an unhealthy lifestyle, using cosmetics and traditional skin care products or the negative influences of our body’s environment with chemicals and harmful substances can.

A healthy body can drain back to the contaminants, the body is weakened and acidic, it also saves energy and stores the substances here for the first time in the connective tissue or in the scalp one. In addition to metabolic acids are neutralized and stored as waste products, for which the body has the power to dredge. The result is a slag from the body.

It lacks a certain measure in all corners and minerals present and the deficiency of nutrients should be corrected as soon as possible so that the body can return to equilibrium, otherwise it will more likely not take too long to occur Next to hair loss instead harmless are other complaints, more serious.

Minerals and remedy the nutrient deficit
To compensate for deficiency of nutrients and minerals and hair loss is reversed, you should note different:

First Nutrition
The diet change is of course essential, since only a healthy diet and basic supplies to the body the necessary nutrients and minerals you need to survive. You can find more information on a healthy diet that can help reverse hair loss:
Second Intestinal Health
To absorb the necessary nutrients optimally, but also our needs and our intestinal flora intact. Therefore, a colon cleansing and a restructuring of the intestinal microflora can be very helpful in making the hair loss reversed. Learn All You Need To Know About Colon Cleansers: A Colon Cleansing Is Actually Pretty Normal

Third Basic Attention
Out can also help you detoxify the body and de-acidify body care, both alkaline, hair care and basic uses. A natural and essential maintenance service on the one hand and purification and deacidification do not burden the other with new harmful chemicals. Supporting your body to hair loss is reversed. Also read this interesting article on basic and natural body care:

• Basic personal hygiene
• Homemade shampoo
Fourth Stress and Managing Anxiety
Stress and anxiety load on our body and also lead to increased demand for minerals and nutrients. In order to de-acidify the body and compensate for the lack of nutrients, it is important to deal with stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety interfere with our bodies only help reverse hair loss. Stress.

Hair loss is reversed
To make hair loss a reality can be undone, it is of primary importance, first of all, that there is no acidification, and that all important minerals and nutrients are available. Through the above measures, a good foundation for healthy hair growth is created. But the longer the body has moved out of balance, the longer it needs to restore balance to find it again.

Many people who suffer from hair loss, for years malnourished and consciously or unconsciously, do not all care about their health. Therefore, the measurements do not mean that it shows the effect at night. To stop hair loss, or to delay it is needed, although it certainly is not as long as the body needs so it can promote hair growth, but, in principle, you should bring patience and hopefully little success.

Nutrients for hair
If our body is in balance, healthy hair growth is not a problem. With a healthy diet, we have all the necessary materials that the hair needs to grow.

Minerals for healthy hair
Healthy hair needs, especially minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which must be abundant in the scalp. These minerals can help reverse hair loss, because they support a healthy acid-base balance. Magnesium also helps to overcome stress, because magnesium has a calming effect on nerves.

Biotin for healthy hair
B7 or biotin Vitamin (formerly known as vitamin H) is also very important for healthy hair growth. Biotin is part of the vitamin B complex. Biotin is used in many ways, but in our body: it is necessary to convert sugar into energy, it strengthens the nervous system and is part of the fatty acid pathway. Biotin helps, because a certain enzyme – coenzyme A – fatty compounds are formed, which in turn are important for building the cells. Biotin is particularly important for skin cells as it must be due to its constant exposure are regularly replaced by environmental influences. Symptoms of biotin deficiency, therefore as cradle in babies and seborrheic dermatitis called (wiki) in adults.

Biotin was also able to reverse hair loss and prevent premature gray hair. Through the nerve strengthening effect of biotin, stress can be eliminated as a cause of hair loss as well.

Vitamin E for healthy hair growth
Another important nutrient for hair growth is vitamin E. Vitamin E stimulates blood circulation and improves the general condition of the heart, and hair. By improving blood circulation and detoxification and deacidification very happy. Therefore, it is also recommended for hair loss, massage the scalp with natural brushes, tea or rosemary drinks, which also stimulate blood circulation. (Argan oil and nigelle)

Proteins for healthy hair
For healthy hair proteins are also important. If you want to have more protein, and at the same time want to eat basic, you can mix to drink basic example of protein lupine in your meals, or as a protein shake.

Iron for hair
Hair growth can also be improved by an increased intake of iron, because iron deficiency can also contribute to hair loss. However, silicon dioxide, which occurs for example in rice is important for the construction of hair.

This list could lead almost to infinity, since our body needs a variety of substances to stay healthy. Since hair growth – like any other process in the body – depends on many factors, the best solution is a balanced diet, which can offer all the nutrients and minerals. If you want to reverse hair loss, look for a healthy bowel, an excess dietary foundation and a healthy lifestyle.
Causes of Hair Loss
Hair loss is just an effect of modern life. The true cause of hair loss for medical science still seems to belong to one of the last unresolved enigma. Although in principle some possible triggers are being debated, but not necessarily at the same time triggered the Ursache. Die cause slowly for years while a timer is just the drops that finally brings back the glass.

 Diffuse hair loss
Diffuse hair loss can be remedied with specific measures. Because diffuse hair loss is primarily an indicator of nutritional and mineral deficiencies it is (throughout the body and especially in the hair root), it is after a thorough acidification, supplying high quality nutrients and minerals – both externally and internally – one of the first steps in the success of action against diffuse hair loss.

 Fine hair
Many people could, as he considered it to be vain, if the hair is subject to special attention. However, give the first signs of thinning hair in the body to become unbalanced ist.Allerdings give us the first signs of thinning hair on the body that is out of balance. The sooner a symptom – and that includes thinning hair – is noticed, the more you can do something about it.

 Hereditary hair loss
The diagnosis of “hereditary hair loss” is an invention of medical school. You actually do not inherit the predisposition to hair loss, but more so than the lifestyle of your parents. No genes are responsible for your hair loss, but your lifestyle. Conventional medicine, but in exchange for people prefer to swallow drugs or give up rather than their way of life and comfort, this counts on the backing of “hereditary” diagnoses.

 Nutrition for hair loss
Hair loss can have several causes. False diet and low in nutrients is involved in the development of hair loss. Although in some cases, not the wrong diet the main cause of hair loss is, but it can cause this disease or malfunction of your body, which then ultimately leads to hair loss. Proper nutrition is therefore not only able to stop hair loss, but in many cases can eliminate the causative disease.

 Gray hair – a sign of the body
The predisposition to the cane to ourselves is already placed on the stand. Premature canes However, it is always interpreted as a sign of the body. It makes an internal change in this way the outer hair. Grey at an early age should / the subjects (n) start, conduct research on the cause of the unusual change in hair color. Ultimately, it depends on the individuals themselves, whether they would like to take the signal or not.

 Baldness is reversible
It is commonly bald (or part of baldness) as irreversible – at least when it has evolved over the years and was not caused by radiation or otherwise. IS A bald but not irreversible. The hair follicles contract at the same time during periods of inactivity, it will die, but do not take measures in order to restore energy. However, they should be the measures that have not only the scalp in sight, but the entire organism. Then, let the hair grow back and reach a normal long life.

 Hair Loss – Stop Recognition
There should be no worries, there are times when some hairs are more than usual in the hairbrush. Only in a daily loss of more than 100 hairs, is spoken of Haarausfall.Problematisch is the regrowth when more hair than not, if newly grown hair is growing and only a few centimeters fails again, or if hair growth Most places) totally absent.
Hair Loss in Women
Increasingly, women are affected by hair loss. The reasons are strong physical and emotional tensions. The body can be strengthened, to be detoxified and supplied with the essential nutrients that hair loss can be stopped and then regrow hair again. At the same time, stress – of any kind – are naturally much better off than that of a weakened by a strong, stripped body. Physical and emotional stress do not inevitably lead to more complaints (such as hormonal disorders), which in turn can cause new hair loss.

 Remedy of hair loss for women, of course,
Hair loss affects not only men but also women. But even women suffer a lot if not hair. They lose their hair with a piece of femininity and self-esteem. After childbirth or during menopause, so when the hormonal balance is changed, it is very common for women to receive hair loss. However, these hormonal changes are the trigger, the real cause is another. But how can we stop hair loss in women, especially in a natural way?

 Hair loss in children
Hair loss has nothing to do with a certain age and can make even children. However, children respond very well to methods of naturopathy and hair loss often with simple means and free from side effects can be stopped werden.Haarausfall disappears in children usually return as fast as he. Conventional medicine often prescribe children with hair loss cortisone preparations and / or synthetic substances that stimulate hair growth. These medications usually have unpleasant side effects.

 Schuessler salts and hair loss
Hair loss and thinning hair are worrying phenomena – both men and women. Although it is normal to shed some hair every day, but it is another thing when the hair falls in strands everywhere. Since hair loss is caused or intensified by mineral deficiency, it is the use of Schuessler salts a great way to get this mineral deficiency naturally to balance.

Hair Care with a Boar Bristle Brush
At night the body is in an intense phase of elimination. Through the mineral sweat glands and waste products are excreted, they are deposited in the scalp and are clogged with the fat of the sebaceous glands that make Hautporen.Für a truly scalp, which penetrates into which oxygen and Escape of metabolic products, daily brushing is essential.

Birth of hair stops hair loss

There should be no worries, there are times when some hairs are more than usual in the hairbrush. Only in a daily loss of more than 100 hairs, is spoken of Haarausfall.Problematisch is the regrowth when more hair than not, if newly grown hair is growing and only a few centimeters fails again, or if hair growth Most places) totally absent.

Hair Loss-Related Hormone
The loss of hair-induced hormones is often diagnosed. At first (medical school), it actually looks like a hormonal disorder caused by hair loss. A second look reveals, however, the cause of hormonal imbalance. Acidification of the body. Since acidification can be reversed, even so-called hormone-related hair loss is reversible.

Circular Hair Loss
In irregular hair loss caused circular or oval, well delimited, inflammatory and bald spots that enlarge over time and also multiply. The school allocates medicine alopecia areata an autoimmune disease, about the real cause of science does not want or can not get lost. Experiences with naturist concepts, however, show that hair loss circularly nicely appeal to this gentle methods, so you must have unpleasant side effects, not taken into account.

 Solutions for hair loss
From almost any perspective of naturopathic hair loss is reversible. Our holistic approach to hair loss, which we have already applied in many people confirmed this theory again and again. Acidification of the body is found in almost all cases causally involved in hair loss. For this reason, the application of our measures precisely at this point.

With Hair Loss Minerals

A deficiency of minerals can – among many other symptoms – also lead to hair loss, such as hair production, a wide variety of different minerals and trace minerals necessary.Respirator stimulation of the hair follicles, so that the parts of the Body where hair is produced is dependent on the specific nutrients. For this, they mainly include the different minerals and trace elements.

Tips for Hair Loss
Mineral deficiency, scalp inflammation, inadequate diet, dehydration, stress, hormonal changes are the factors that lead to können.Auch hair loss use of the synthetically produced “care” products as well as the frequent ” Style “hair with chemicals contaminate the scalp significantly and ultimately can also contribute to hair loss. A healthy diet that is based on a nutrient-rich, whole foods, combined with exclusive use of high quality, natural hair products, hair loss can act effectively against.

Hair Care at the Reach of Hair Loss
A short walk through one of the many supermarkets will quickly show you that you can buy dozens of popular hair products. Unfortunately, most of the ingredients in these products, toxic chemicals that damage the hair follicles and into the bloodstream, where they then damage your body even more. Toxic chemicals amplify a slow hair loss.

Homemade shampoo

Doing your own shampoo avoids not only a lot of harmful chemicals, but can with the corresponding natural supplements specifically for the best hair growth and healthy shampoo scalp sorgen.Ein to the care of hair and scalp, clean and in Good health and problems such as hair loss or dandruff. Fix for everything that is necessary, but not cancer or suspected harmful plasticizers formaldehyde or PEG unnecessary and parabens do not have silicones

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