There is a devastating affliction that affects millions of men and women across the world. An affliction that causes them huge psychological damage, affecting their self-esteem, their relationships and their interaction with the world. The affliction is hair loss – the treatment is a result. Traditional treatments for hair loss have been varied, unreliable and often not medically validated with our result.

Men and women have a simple pharmaceutical device, a product that promises results. A different name from the places it in the high design world of cosmetic products as opposed to the
traditional cheap and nasty offerings on shelf to the fact. The man that refined this formula is professor Aubrey Parsons. A recognized expert in the pharmaceutical field. This product is strategically and stylishly positioned as the best option.

Professor Parsons has carefully refined the formula to deliver the best possible result. The formula is almost entirely natural and highly effective at stimulating the follicles and increasing scalp circulation for several hours after application. Both male pattern baldness and general male and female hair loss associated with poor circulation stress and or chemotherapy stand to benefit from the application.

The biggest benefit of treatment will apply to hair loss associated with poor scalp blood circulation. It carries nutrients and oxygen to follicles resulting in reduced metabolic function of the hair matrix-L hair loss. These two simple words can make the toughest man cringe in fact hair loss isa common problem for both men and women across South Africa.

The good news is that there is an effective proven solution called Resulte, developed by leading cosmetic scientist Aubrey Parsons. Resulte has been formulated to start working immediately, stimulating hair growth and helping to prevent hair loss. The unique ingredients which are rich inantioxidants stimulate the hair follicles and help promote thicker stronger hair

The highly respected professor Parsons was instrumental in among others in trials of resulte; a eighty-nine percentof satisfied users promoted the effectiveness of resulte fifty percent, and said they they faced no side effects. A further fifty percent confirm that resulte stimulated hair growth seventy-nine percent said that there had become both stronger and thicker.

Thanks to resulte a sixty-four percent noticed improvements within the first month of use and of the 71 percent they regularly use resulte 98-percent SAR. Cosmopolitans being created equal, consists of perfect mix of ingredients that makes resulte the established hair loss tonic. The team at resulte want you to know how to get results for that falling hair. There’s no secret ingredients , but rather a cocktail of proven and effective ones that will have you sprouting a fuller head of hair with religious use by drinking that delicious Cosmo on a friday afternoon.
The benefit is letting go of all your week stress. Here are the benefits of using resulte hair loss tonic and how it works:
1. there is a super cool pro vitamin that helps moisturize and increase the elasticity of your skin – panthenol

2. they have used an ingredient that prevents the actual hair loss, the process stimulates hair growth and restores any damage to your hair

3. Trichinella phone gray comes in to reinforce these properties. Resulte has added a cocktail of other potent here friendly ingredients helping your scalp grow its best head of hair.

4. Arctium ages calcium pantothenate panax ginseng zinc gluconate arginine and hydrolyzed soy protein to strengthen the cocktail, Ensuring that the above process is reinforced.

5. Resulte he has added silk amino acids to improve censorial qualities decrease oiliness and condition your hair but also oxygenate your scalp with microcirculation.

6. Resulte has added another cocktail for a healthier scalp, placental protein East extract hydrolyzed soy protein

7. Resulte has added an anti-dandruff cocktail that stimulates hair growth inositol SL Messiah nine asset of cysteine panthenol ethyl ether lactose and like this protein them added to the
above are amino acids and herbs that revitalize hair from the root and they start thin hair falling out medicago sativa extract humulus lupulus extract.

8. Rosemary is officinalis and melodious, officinalis serine as the finishing off his touch like the lemon wheel in your cosmopolitan cocktail result they have included the main ingredient and building block of hair

9. Sulfur – it increases hair growth and length is a growth phase of the hair cycle dimethyl sulfone the resulting hair loss tonic is not just any average cocktail is the cosmopolitan of all hair loss tonics

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