Most forms of hair loss alopecia or thinning hair and men and women are considered reversible because ninety-five percent of the time the cause is due to a disruption in the hair growth cycle from the over production of the hormone DHT in the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicle. This overproduction of DHT inhibits the ability of your hair follicle to absorb enough nutrients to create long healthy hair over time this results in bolding or thinning areas that appear and slowly spread over the scalp

We’re all constantly growing and losing hair, however to have a healthy head of hair you need to grow more hair than you lose. Up until now about the only options were drugs like minoxidil and finasteride but both have side effects. Hair transplants, which is an expensive procedure and gets more so over time as outpatient visits may be required to replace failed transplants or address continued hair loss

You can also try natural solutions. Certain herbs like saw palmetto have some effect as a natural DHT inhibitor. You can also try certain vitamins, use LED light therapy rinse your hair with things like apple cider vinegar or use coal tar shampoos. There are many natural options are experienced with these options is they don’t produce much results, however we don’t discourage their use since the majority are relatively safe and you might see some benefits. Many great discoveries of hair rescue therapy was more accidental than an intentional anyways.

The breakthrough resulted from an oil extraction of a combination of rare heirloom Italian vegetable seats that contain unique fatty acid complex structures. We decided to test this extractions effects on hair loss. The extract was mixed with natural DHT blockers natural hair growth stimulators and a proprietary lip some delivery system that delivers these powerful hair growth nutrients deeply into the scalp to saturate the hair follicles.

The initial tests were encouraging and showed the formula to be effective at stopping hair loss and helping grow new hair here’s what we discovered hair regrowth was evident even in late-stage balding hair loss was stopped or completely normalized in a short period a time. In some cases as little as a few days scalp issues including dandruff itchy scalp, were greatly improved even after just one application.¬†Hair thickness strength and body were greatly improved within an average time of one week.¬†Hair rescue therapy helps solve your hair loss problems, we honestly don’t know everyone responds differently so results vary but so far it looks promising the only way to find out is to try it there’s no prescription needed.

It is safe for all hair types including color treated hair it works as well for women with thinning hair issues as it does for men i recommend you try it for yourself and then please let us know your results.

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